It isn’t uncommon for a busy CEO to feel like he has no available time to spend with his wife. And many times, it can really seem like there was little warning that this would be the case. Maybe you were married before you started your business and you had told your wife about your exciting idea. She was on board at the beginning, but neither one of you had really understood how much time it was going to take to start and run your business. Now, you feel like there’s almost no time for actually connecting. You’re at the office for 10 hours a day and even when you’re at home the “crisis calls” never stop. You feel more like a fire-fighter, constantly trying to take care of the latest big issue or mess-up from your employees than a CEO. And, when you’re not doing that, you’re trying your best to move the business forward. It takes time…and you have so little of it. 

But let’s imagine that you’ve moved your life around, re-prioritized all of your responsibilities and you do have some time for a date, but that time is more limited than you’d like and you feel like you have to re-learn how to date your spouse.

There’s hope!

I’ve got some date ideas for you that don’t take a lot of time and they are not too “pressure to perform” heavy. In other words, they are dates that you can enjoy even if it’s been a little while since you’ve felt like anything more than roommates.

Just so you know, I can’t 100% take credit for these ideas. I actually run a closed group on Facebook where Christian couples can ask for advice from other couples. I asked them what their favorite dates were for busy couples, and these are the responses that I saw.

In-Home Date After The Kids Are Asleep

Here’s a popular one that doesn’t require a ton of energy or time. My husband and I have pretty busy schedules and by the end of the day we’re typically more than a little worn out. So, an ‘at home’ date is definitely a favorite of ours. For us, this means a trip to the grocery store (not necessarily together) for some snacks and a bottle of wine. Then, we indulge a little and cuddle with one another while we watch TV or a movie. Just keep in mind that if you haven’t been connecting for a while, you may need to remove the TV and spend that time just hanging out and talking to one another.

Drive Out to The City Limits And Star Gaze

This is just one way of creating a quiet and romantic night without spending very much money. But, you could also choose to do a candle-lit living room and hang out on the couch talking. Very little money is needed and this time will give you both the opportunity to just enjoy each other’s company. You can combine this with a board game or card game if you’d like a more active date than just sitting and talking.

Dinner Out

Here’s old faithful for you. While it requires more energy than a night at home, you can definitely get a sitter for a couple of hours and drive somewhere close of a quick meal. Make sure that when you do spend this time together that you avoid business talk and instead connect on a heart level. Ask “where are we on a scale of 1-10” as a little check-in on your marriage and also ask how you can move up that scale just a tad. Make a plan for ONE thing only that you can do within the following week and then make sure that you follow through.

Work Day Lunch Date

A lunch date used to basically mean that you’re in “the friend zone,” but in marriage a mid-day date is sometimes the only way that you can spend some time together and force a little bit of a break in your day. Make sure your employees know that this hour is your VIP hour and that you should not be interrupted for any reason. Barring a real emergency (like your office catching on fire), you should be able to take one hour away from the office and entrust all business dealings to your second in command. And, putting everything aside for an hour will definitely make your spouse feel more connected. 

Make a Meal Together

If you have time, making a meal together can be a fun and romantic way to spend an evening. If time is short, you can also make a dessert together instead of a full meal. And, if you’re not a baker, a box cake or brownies totally counts! The idea is just to do an activity together that’s enough out of your norm that it feels special. By that measure, even a tasty treat from a bakery can serve the same purpose.

All in all, if you’re looking to reconnect with one another, do something that is outside of your normal schedule. The break in routine is what makes the activity feel like a date or a time of connection and closeness. It doesn’t take a huge change from the routine, but it does take actions that show your spouse their position as number one in your life.

Here’s wishing you a great date night and a marriage better than the honeymoon!

Dr. Jessica

Jessica has her doctorate in clinical psychology and her certification as a Christian sex therapist. She has a passion for helping Christian couples have a marriage that honors God and one another and believes that couples can stop feeling like roommates and start feeling like connected lovers again.