There’s a certain expectation you probably had on your wedding day.

After all, how can life not be great when you’re finally marrying your best friend?

You no longer have to leave each other’s side at the end of a date. You can wake up on a lazy Saturday morning and plan in the moment what you’ll do together. There’s a true excitement about living as connected lovers and you’re both pretty sure intimacy is going to be one of the better “rewards” of married life.

But sometimes…

…the reality isn’t quite as exciting as the expectation.

There’s hope for your marriage!

My main priority is to give you some hope and encouragement so you have the strength to work on having the marriage you dreamed of on your wedding day.

At Better Than The Honeymoon, we help Christian couples fall back in love so they can stop feeling like “just good roommates” and start feeling like connected lovers again.

I have a passion for helping Christians have a marriage that honors God and one another and an intimate life that brings healing and connection for both of them.

See, I truly believe that marriage and sexual intimacy are gifts from God and that when we handle them within His guidelines and boundaries we become a little more like Christ. And when we’re more like Him, life just feels a little bit better.

In addition to all of that, I went to school at Regent University in Virginia Beach and graduated with a degree in Clinical Psychology in 2012. After that, I became certified as a Christian sex therapist.

Currently, there are less than 100 certified Christian sex therapists in the entire world. Since there’s just not many of us, most people will have a very difficult time getting an appointment with one of us. That’s why I created this site.

My hope and expectation is to provide Christ-focused resources for an intimate marriage and a fulfilling sex life.

While you may never have considered what it looks like to assess your beliefs about God and how that impacts your sexuality, I fully believe that all of us should have an understanding of this very concept.

Your beliefs regarding what’s ok and what’s not when it comes to your marital intimacy will greatly affect your marriage relationship and your sexual connection. Since that’s the case, I lay out my beliefs in this video.